Ambiental Society Alliance of Midwest








Cleanup the Planet Program

Ecosystem Conservation: Our partnership is committed to protecting key ecosystems in the Midwest. We will work on the restoration of natural areas, the conservation of critical habitats, and the promotion of sustainable practices.

Education and Awareness: We will promote environmental education in local communities. We will organize workshops, talks and campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity, clean water and climate change mitigation.


Inter-Agency Collaboration: We will partner with government organizations, NGOs, and private companies to maximize our impact. Together, we will tackle challenges such as pollution, habitat loss, and protecting endangered species.

River and Stream Restoration: We will work on the revitalization of rivers and streams. We will plant trees along the banks, clean the riverbeds, and promote sustainable agricultural practices to protect freshwater.


Promoting Green Cities: We will advocate for more sustainable cities in the Midwest. We will promote smart urban planning, sustainable mobility and the creation of accessible green spaces for all.

This mission seeks a greener, healthier future for generations to come. Together we can make a difference!